Southern Oklahoma Church Remodel

Check out this amazing before and after transformation

We have included some pictures of the before and after of the remodel for you to check out

Some of the things we did for the remodel:


  • Dmx controlled intelligent lighting for the stage and the house lights. All the lighting was controllable from an Ipad. We preprogrammed some scenes and special setting, then trained the team there to do more.
  • Live video broadcast, recording and routing throughout the building. This was a top of the line, but not crazy expensive, install that completely brought them to the level they desired. Complete with switchers, 4K camera and HD cameras.
  • We worked along with Miller Pro Audio to install a studio quality live system.
  • Three 6000 Lumen projectors were installed with all HDCP compliant cabling to play anything from any source.
  • We did not only the physical install of everything that has a light or projector, but we also tunned and trained the church on how to use the system to the max.
  • There was more we did but at this point I hope you see, we want to make your digital and technical dreams a reality. The best part is we did the entire remodel for thousands under their original estimates.