Brands and business we work with

Recent Work

Oklahoma City, Tulsa & Catoosa

Site Management

New Century Hotels


The New Century Hotels has been a customer for years with us. We have handled the repair, maintenance and management for all the hotels phone, Internet, network and computer needs. With multiple sites across OKC, Tulsa and Catoosa we manage them all.



Downtown Oklahoma City

On-Site Repair

The Skirvin Hotel


This is one of Oklahoma City's premiere hotel locations. We have had the pleasure to repair and upgrade multiple rooms, lines and systems in the building. This hotel is a prime example of how skilled our team is at retrofitting in an older building.

Oklahoma City

File Recovery

Law Offices


This was a a job that we are so proud of, but can not go into a lot of detail. There is a law firm in OKC that was attacked by a cyber criminal. Their 11 years worth of files were held ransom. They called us and we recovered all 11 years worth of.


Oklahoma City


Aloft Oklahoma City Quail Springs


The Aloft Oklahoma City Quail Springs is a recently constructed hotel. We were contracted to install the cabling for the Internet, phone, sound and cable tv in the whole building. See some of our pictures of the work as the hotel was being constructed.



Southern Oklahoma

On-Site Remodel

Oklahoma Church


This was a wonderful blank canvas of a building. We were able to come in and help this become a top of the line building. With live broadcasting, intelligent lighting, and incredible live sound they have a set up most could only dream of. The best thing is we brought the project together for %20 less than they had budgeted.



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